If I am found disabled, how far back will Social Security pay benefits?

Q: If I am found disabled how far back will Social Security pay benefits?

A: Benefits can be paid for up to one year prior to the date of the claim, if the medical records support this. For a Disabled Adult Child, benefits begin as of the onset date, but benefits cannot be paid more than six months prior to the date of the claim.

If there have been prior applications, skillful legal help may allow you to reopen that old application and reach back for more benefits.  The medical records must support this and other criteria must be met.  This is one of the most critical differences between having an attorney and doing an application on your own.  Social Security will not be suggesting avenues to reopen old applications.  Our experience and skill in crafting your case argument could result of an earlier onset date.

SSI benefits begin at the start of the month following the date of the claim .For Disability Benefits and for Disabled Widow’s and Widower’s Benefit, the benefits begin five months after the person becomes disabled.

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