Compassionate Allowances Speed Social Security Disability Decisions

Compassionate Allowances

Compassionate Allowances speed Social Security disability decisions to ensure that people with the most serious disabilities receive their benefits quickly, often within weeks.  Recently, Social Security approved Compassionate Allowance benefits for nearly 61,000 people with these severe disabilities in the last year. Nearly 173,000 applications have been approved since the program began in 2008.  As a frame of reference, there were about 225,000 new disability applications filed per month last year.

The initiative identifies claims where the applicant’s disease or condition clearly meets the statutory standard for disability. With the aid of sophisticated technology, the agency can identify potential cases and then make decisions quickly.

Some of the conditions include certain cancers, adult brain disorders, a number of rare genetic disorders of children, early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, immune system conditions, and other disorders (see below for a complete list).

The agency also is working to improve its online disability application process. They claim it is substantially shorter than the standard paper application. Adults filing for benefits online have had the option to electronically sign the entire disability application online. Our office is available to help you through this process. Even the online application process can be daunting to a sick person.

Please let us know if we can talk to you on any of these processes.  Missing something can add many months to the process. We can help compassionate allowance claims line up with all appropriate evidence, to make it easier for you.

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